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August 31, 2019


Rattlesnake approaches boat at Elephant Butte Lake in New Mexico

Advisory: Bad language. But we’re not judging.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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I know of a situation in which a snake got into the boat, and one of the occupants had to be stopped from shooting it with a shotgun while it was in the bottom of the boat.

Cooler heads prevailed and they just gave the snake the boat and waded ashore.

This happened to the wife and me some years ago in Lake Havasu, Arizona. We were anchored, fishing for catfish when this rattler started swimming toward our boat. I grabbed the required oar and whacked it's ugly head when it tried to get in the boat. We never saw it again. Now we not only have to watch for rattlers around rocks,trees,brush and such, but now have to watch for them swimming toward you.

FYI - they call it "Elephant Butt Lake" after the locals saw me skinny dipping in those waters.

A rattlesnake tried to board my boat about 5 miles off the Oregon coast in water temperature of about 50 degrees F. We prepared to fend it off when a small (3 foot) shark appeared and grabbed it and dove out of site. I had 3 or 4 witnesses but I don't tell the story much. Who would believe it.

A rattlesnake tried to catch a boat and ride with the people? That's nothing! I recall the news when President Jimmy Carter was chased in his rowboat by a rabbit and had to push it away with an oar!
Carter was more scared that someone would THINK he was doing harm to the rabbit than that the rabbit would BITE him.
Bad publicity over cruelty to an animal - would have made Carter cry - and the bunny might have DIED!

I've seen rattlesnakes swimming across the lake, but never had one try to board me. Good thing, as I'd have no intention of sharing my beer with him.

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