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August 30, 2019


Abandoned macaroni and cheese in downtown Kitchener turned into art installation

Update: Mac-and-cheese-turned-art goes missing in downtown Kitchener

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Artsy people may see some message in this. Does this represent the lower classes who can only dine on macaroni and cheese that some idiot has thrown sun dried tomatoes in or is it just a dirty plate that somebody didn't want to wash? I'm going with the dirty plate meaning.

I'd say the unknown artist had more talent than Paul Klee.

Having a substantial number of Canadian customers, I think it's something much more basic. Canadians always seem to be confused. I think some guy just set his lunch down to answer his phone or something and forgot about it.

University classes are about to begin. Think, dorm food crisis.

The "artist" is lucky he didn't try this stunt in Texas. Adding tacky sun dried tomatoes to a delicious plate of mac and cheese is a hanging offense there.

In the US, the bomb squad would have been called.

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