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August 30, 2019


Apple (AAPL) updated its support webpage this week to warn customers that some fabrics, such as leather and denim, could cause permanent discoloration to the Apple Card. That damage won't wash off. Apple also advises against placing the card in a wallet slot that already has a different credit card, so it doesn't get scratched. And the company says customers should not store their Apple Card in a pocket or bag with loose change, keys or "other potentially abrasive objects."

(Thanks to Steve K)


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Anybody getting excited over the "beautiful" look of a credit card needs to get some serious help.

As Dave would say, gently place the card on the floor and flee the area on foot.

Also, do not taunt Super Happy Fun Card.

You’ll save so much money if you have a credit card you can’t carry.

Is swiping the card or inserting it into a machine at the register also out?

Nursecindy, I wouldn't even take it out of the envelope it came in. That could wreck it.

OK, so who exactly is the target market for this card? Those restrictions would appear to eliminate everybody.

Enjoy using your new card! **Disclaimer: Card is not intended for use**

What about using for snorting drugs?
I'm just asking for a friend.

Trivia note: Credit cards and haggis are two things a goat will not eat.

Is this a JOKE?! It’s a titanium card. They make AIRPLANES out of titanium.

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