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August 28, 2019


A woman was caught on camera using a power saw to break into a Houston-area Botox clinic and steal anti-aging products, police say.

(Thanks to James Flynn and Rod Nunley)


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With a clear photo of the woman and her vehicle, it should be easy to find this perp.

Commensurate penalty should include Sisyphossian proportion: have her perform 500 hours of work for something and then watch someone steal it in the middle of the night and make her start over.

I agree MOTW. I have a feeling she has her own little Botox clinic somewhere in her house.

Silly woman, most everyone knows if you need medical supplies or a brain stolen, you hire Igor. Then nothing can possibly go wrong---right?

Notice there was no close-up of her, so we don't know how bad she needed it. This may have been completely justifiable.

I bet she always parks like that too.

There are those who claim the lady in the video is actually 85 years old. It could be that Botox stuff really works.

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