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August 15, 2019


NASA Giving Away Apollo-Era Saturn Rocket to Anyone who can Carry it Out

(Thanks to Tom Kopec)


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If Judi hadn't been fired, or on vacation chasing men in kilts, she would've caught this repeat post.



So no takers on the Saturn rocket after all this time. They may wind up having to let that little dude from North Korea pick it up.

OK, I guess I'm going to have to gas up the pickup and go get it, if nobody else is going to take it.

Nah! Fuel it up and launch it to your place.

Another one? How many of those do they have?

What's the problem, Elon Musk already has one?

Fuel it up , mount on some skateboards and fire it up. Steering, we'll worry about down the road.
Approved by Florida-Man.

Quick, someone call American Pickers!

Paging Popeye.

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