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August 21, 2019


Dan Schaumann posts toilet pics regularly for his thousands of Instagram followers

(Thanks to Michael Moyer)


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St. John. I see what he did there!

"Lovely view" .. depends on your vantage point, I suppose.

A man walks into a bar and sits down next to a pretty blonde. After small talk the blonde asks the man what he does for a living.
"I'm a professional toilet tracker," he replies.
The girl says, "I've got a headache!" and gets up to leave.

Later, the man asks the bartender why he can never score with the women.

"I have no idea." the bartender says as he walks away shaking his head sadly.

Wasn't "Toilet Tracking" the basis of the story "The Most Dangerous Game"?

Social media has gone to the crapper.

Tanks a lot for dumping all those photos on line.

Today on "Mutual of Omaha's Wild KIngdom", Marlin and Jim will track down the wild and savage toilets of the world.

Thankfully he's not taking selfies from the toilets.

I think a Disco toilet is a perfect expression for this music travesty.

He'd have loved the old outhouse we had at the lake cabin when I was a kid.

I misread the first name as Doc. My first thought was and they let this guy write 'scripts?

My grandfather preferred to use the outhouse in lieu (see what I did there?) of the new-fangled indoor toilet in his home. He was pretty fancy himself, as he had not one, but two outhouses in his backyard (little coal town of Hegins, PA, for the curious).

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