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August 22, 2019


Woman pulled over for DUI tries to bet cops on how high her blood-alcohol level would be

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Lady, you know .08 is legally drunk."

".08? Ha? I can beat that easy. In fact, I can (hic) double it and then some."

I heard she didn't pay out on the bet either.

A friend of mine who would know (I won't say how) claims this happens a whole lot.

Back in my less well-behaved days, I know I drove well over the limit, but I tend to drive slower and more carefully when I'm impaired. (I do not present myself as a role model in this respect.) So I think I would have had a decent chance at winning a $5 bet like that with a cop, which would have slightly offset the $3,000 or so a DUI would have cost me.

Why do police only shoot kids with cellphones instead of shooting drunk drivers? Anyone who drinks and drives should be put in jail for a long, long, long time or taken out and shot. A friend driving her child and 3 of his friends to baseball practice were killed by a drunk driver. The husband and the surviving children haven't stopped crying after 4 years.

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