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August 30, 2019


The listing for the $399K Priest Lake Park home on Saxon Mist Drive included 31 photos of the home, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the pool, and of the realtor engaged in a sex act.

(Thanks to James Flynn)


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Actually, that could be a good selling point.

I certain He left a flyer with his pic on a magnet at the front door.

I bet she'll get a lot of offers.

I suppose that's better than getting pooped on by a penguin.

I've heard that proper staging can attract buyers.

Was that service included in the price, or did the seller want extra for it?

Is that a bigger selling point than the double oven?

You shoulda seen the open house

The real estate market is going down, rapidly.

That listing sucks.

"Calvo would not confirm who the female in the photo was, but did not deny certain assertions."

Which assertions might they be?

Whether that was an "act" depends on the meaning of "is" and the angle of the camera. Maybe he hurt his back and she was just tying his shoe to help out?

I'm sorry but my mind just won't "go there" unless I can see the picture and decide for myself.

Now if the bid was $399,040 - that would be significant.

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