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August 04, 2019


“The best way to impress most Canadians is to show what you have noticed is different from the United States, as there is a great deal of sensitivity and concern about being lumped in with our powerful neighbour."

Once the topic of how Canadians are "humbler, funnier, more tolerant and/or less aggressive than Americans" has been exhausted, the webpage lists multiple other subjects travellers can use to bait Canadians into conversation, such as world geography, our endurance of the weather, and "Canadian beer and hockey."

(Thanks to The Perts)


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No news us good news. Yawn.

Speaking of a nation being gripped by the ceaseless clutches of boring-ness, someone explain to me what a Canadian citizen was thinking when they posted this comment yesterday in regards to their humble, less aggressive nation:

"We're kicking ass and taking names."

You mean... there are people up there on the other side of the ice wall...?

Beer? Canadian beer? Meh, to be kind. What about poutine?

It's CTV. It's August. Have a beer on us.

Canada's a lumberjack and it's okay.

We all know the moose population voted in Justin Trudeau.

This article is a prime example of obfuscation in reporting. Normally, this is a skill only taught in Washington.

@Jeff - Perhaps the country that created Coors Light should avoid commenting on other people’s beer.

I swear I'm not making this up.

A few years ago, a colleague was talking to a customer of ours from Edmonton. She had sent us photos of the snow drifts up to the eaves of her house. My colleague asked her, "When the snow melts in June, do you find dead bodies?" The whole office heard this and busted out laughing.

By the way, her answer was, "Sometimes."

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