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August 27, 2019


Nissan develops golf ball that automatically finds the hole every time

(Thanks to Michael Parry, Mark Schlesinger and Rod Nunley)


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It doesn't inspire much confidence that a golf ball is the vehicle for development of self-driving car technology.

Sounds like using paper airplanes to engineer the flying cars we were promised.

So keep your mouth closed when you putt.

There are better homing applications. Like, putting keys in the same place so people (ahem) find them when it's time to leave.

And the world needs this because . . .

Maybe we should include stripper poles on the green, the ball hitting a pole would be a "flooze" requiring the player to hop-skip thru the next round (hole). This would at least make watching golf entertaining.

There was a recent news article regarding a cucumber in Japan. Wonder if this technology was involved.

Let me know when they get this to work with a bowling ball and ten pins.

Don't carry these in your pant's pockets.
Posting for a friend.

The only thing good about golf is the jokes. Like this one:
A golfer comes up to his friends at the clubhouse and says, "Look at this new ball. It's got a reflective coating and LED outputs, so if you lose it it sets off flashers and beeps. After 5 minutes it activates its GPS and sends a tracking signal to your phone. If it goes in water it has automatic airbags to bring it to the surface."
"Wow, where'd you get that?"
"Found it in the rough over by #13."

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