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July 08, 2019


The bullet grazed the on-duty officer’s groin area in the Wyckoff Gardens Houses at about 8 p.m., a police source said.

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Is this what they mean by 'half-cocked'?

Yikes, My wife taught for a year less than two blocks away from the Wyckoff projects. Fun times.

Giving his all to clean up the gene pool.

Had the officer been backing up his patrol car and in the process grazed his newly flattened scrotum with a stay bullet it would have been funnier.

"I was cleaning it when it went off," were the wounded officer's first words before he reconsidered his wording.

Grazed Groin once opened for Talking Heads at CBGB.

Coincidentally, planners originally were going to name the development Groin Area instead of Wyckoff Gardens. Additionally, the officer often referred to his groin area as his Wyckoff Gardens.

Forever to be mocked around the precinct as “Deadeye Dick.”

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