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July 29, 2019


TSA screeners find missile launcher in checked luggage at airport

(Thanks to Mr. Ridley Pearson)


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Those Darn Amish! At it again.

The article isn't very clear. Unless it has a missile in it, a launcher is just a tube. It would be just like the TSA to want it to fit into a quart baggie. If they hadn't turned it over to the fire marshal, the TSA could have used it for groping practice.

So Ridley went to Kuwait?

Maybe it's just me, but I'd have had the Army ship it home for me - free - rather than dragging it in my carry-on luggage.

He wanted it to mount on his Mad Max car. And doesn't the TSA understand that almost everybody in Texas has one of these?

I agree with Jeff. My dad always shipped his stuff home rather than carrying it on a plane. You should have seen us opening up the B-52 he sent home after being in Viet Nam. It looked great in our backyard especially after my mom put pots of Geraniums on it's wings.

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