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July 24, 2019


The ad urged shoppers to mark "Secretary Day" by buying a special "combo" consisting of a bottle of wine, a chocolate bar and a packet of condoms for their secretary.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The people who thought this up repaired my recently my roof.

The people who thought this up this 'special' recently repaired my roof.

Writer's embellishment: The guy was Spanish and was sent by a large roofing company we had contracted with to do repairs under the large roofing company's name. When He finished He told my wife and I, "I had to do some extra work and it is an extra two-hundred dollars." So we were so stupid to ask, "so will the company bill us the two-hundred dollars?" He said, "No, make the check out to me." We did. We contacted the large roofing company and told them what had happened. They immediately took the two-hundred we paid the guy off our bill and apologized. Now the guy is texting my wife leaving messages attesting to his innocence by his attempt to take us for a couple of hundred. So, if this guy ever repairs your roof ask yourself, "what could possibly go wrong when He offer's me the 'special'.

If you gave your secretary one of those Cheez-it box wine combos, you could leave out the condoms because they wouldn't be needed.

Ah, the Harvey Weinstein special.

Was this the Sterling Cooper advertising agency?

Hilary will be so pleased.

Standard kit for liberating Europe; just need to add the nylons.

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