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July 20, 2019


Elusive Emu Remains at Large in North Carolina After More Than Three Weeks

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Attention nursecindy.

So they show some random emu in Montana instead of the real emu in North Carolina ? Shoddy journalism.

At least it's not a flight risk.

Maybe an escapee from Texas. We had zillions of them once upon a time. When people discovered they really weren't profitable, they just turned the birds loose. For a long time, you were more likely to hit an emu than a deer on the highway.

Clankie, it's hard to take a picture when you can't catch it.

Limu Emu?

If it were a slightly different bird, you could say "yond cassowary has a lean and hungry look."

There are many reasons elusive emus won't be immigrating to Florida. The first two are alligators and snakes.

Flathead County is out because the people there would just open a Big Bird Burger joint.

Here in New Mexico elusive emus are seldom seen. They're good at being elusive.

The Roadrunner from the cartoons looks more like an elusive emu, rather than the actual bird from the South West.

And speaking of The Byrds, few people know that Elusive Emu was David Crosby's nickname.

Elusive Emu played backup for Iron Butterfly.

Had nothing against these birds until they started doing commercials for auto insurance.

As Queen Victoria was wont to say, "We are not Emus"

Lots of luck explaining to the police that you were beaten up by a "giant Chicken".

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