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July 26, 2019


He worked with Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen, among many other characters


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"during the South Florida crime wave"
I well remember Mr. Barry's "Miami Mice" period.

Were some of the other characters & ( % # @ * or Weingarten?

His Florida drivers license will be upgraded soon.

I wonder how many times they re-wrote that sentence.

Definitely a complement. The great and honest P.T. Barnum once said; "Any publicity is good." And they did spell your names right.

The unsaid part..."but don't hold that against him."

I read the first sentence too fast and thought it said "indicted" not "inducted"

Usage tips:

He was inducted into the Hall Of Fame

He was indicted into the Hall Of Shame

Where was the copy editor for this misspelling?

"Walsh, with wife Lisa and daughters Emily and Kate in attendee, was inducted into the FPA Hall of Fame at the association’s annual meeting July 12."

I thought it should be in attendance, but what do I know?

" Early on, that took the young couple to Brookings, S.D., at the Daily Register. When a snowdrift hit the second floor of their townhouse, Lisa Walsh decided it was time to move to Florida. "

The great north culls the unworthy.

Now if Bennett Cerf had mentioned He worked with Dave Barry?

Dave was fighting the "Crime wave of Miami"? Undercover like Batman? wow!

He was Dave's editor? Meaning he had to correct grammar, tone down fart jokes, and enforce the policy about not making fun of names? He doesn't deserve the Hall of Fame, he deserves sainthood.

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