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July 12, 2019


Trump approves federal declaration due to Barry

(Thanks to Deb Ross)


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A flood of applause are no doubt in order.

I remember back in the eighties there was a tropical storm named "Bob" and a friend named Bob, (a quiet man) had framed a newspaper with the headline "Hundreds Flee Path of Brutish Bob" and had it hanging on the wall and it still cracks me up and the last time I brought it up to Bob he didn't remember doing that and isn't that just really sad?

I am sure that Mr. Manilow is honored.

I've always known Mr. Barry would some day be a world-class disaster.

That isn't a very good picture of you Dave. Bad hair day?

You are a tropical storm now huh? (ha)

This blows me away!

*patiently waiting for Hurricane Rudolph*

Can you get a disaster declaration for his Twitter account...?

A FL Driver's License allowing speeds up to several hundred MPH is on the way.

A FL Driver's License allowing sustained speeds up to several hundred MPH is on the way.

Thank you. And you, too.

Where are Tropical Storms Robin and Maurice?

Hurricane Barry would be a good name for a professional boxer.

If the storm weakens, perhaps our president will initiate a "Make Barry Great Again" campaign.

So let me see if I got this right; if I'm a blowhard and piss on a city,I can get federal aid? That explains so much.

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