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July 23, 2019


Pro-meat protesters fined for eating raw squirrels at vegan stall

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and B’game)


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Khlebnikov and Lagzdins have declined comment because they are dead.

I doubt they shot it in the park. Maybe trapped it. And he doesn't look like the falconry type. Young Robin Hood? More likely roadkill. Wonder what box wine goes with raw squirrel? Who said GB doesn't have great cuisine?

First came sushi, now squirrel tartar is coming into fashion. Chefs are trying to uninvent fire. I'm not sure Darwin saw this one coming.

Squirrels, rabbits and other rodents can be carriers of tularemia (a bacterial disease) as well as rabies (a viral disease.)

One reason squirrel and rabbit hunting traditionally takes place starting in fall, after the first hard freeze, is to help ensure that any diseased animals have been culled by the colder temperatures. Never consume wild game taken out of season, never eat raw meat.

Squirrel taken, in season, is safe to eat when properly cooked, however in 2015 a 61 year old man, a hunter, was diagnosed with prion disease (always fatal) after consuming squirrel brains. Never consume brain or spinal tissue from any game animal even if cooked.

Disregard all of the above if you are a zombie.

5* snork @ Marc!

I don't think the kids were nearly as traumatized by the incident as the squirrels were.

Frosted Squirrel Pop-Tarts - new flavor for the upcoming school year.

MOTW, if you deep-fried those frosted squirrels, they might well be a winning entry for new food item of the year at the State Fair of Texas.

For the more refined gourmands, there's squirrel-on-a-stick.

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