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July 19, 2019


Cadillac Parked On Brooklyn Street For 25 Years Finally Towed

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Brooklyn rules!

I remember years ago, when my wife and I went to England for a month or more in the summer, we used to leave our car outside her mother's house, because that end of Brooklyn had no alternate side parking.

Now where did I leave the geezer bus?

I wonder what the cops will find when they pop the trunk?

Of course nobody moved it. You don't mess with Vinnie "Three Fingers"'s car....

Look at the last date on those yellow newspapers and you'll see the last time the car was opened.

NYC is known for it’s aggressive tow truck operators. When the police call to have a car towed, whichever tow truck gets there first get the job.

One afternoon, I was standing by an illegally parked car. Two tow trucks showed up. The first one towed the illegally parked car. Not to be out done, the second truck also towed a car. The fact that the car was legally parked didn’t faze him in the least.

I wonder how long it will spend in the impound lot?

Reminds me that Simpsons episode when Homer's car was ticketed and "the boot" was put on the wheel.

I guess the neighborhood was waiting gor Cafillacs to come back i to style.

25 years on a New York street and it hadn't been stripped! That must be a record.

Found it!
But, if you click link in the top-left corner to change the date, the car seems to have been moved only 5 years ago, because it's not in the October 2014 imagery or earlier.

Spoke too soon. In October 2014, it was parked down the block.

If it was a pink Cadillac, notify Bruce Springsteen immediately. He had a party in the back seat in 1987 and he's been looking for it ever since.

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