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July 13, 2019


CBU instructor fired after demanding sex, moose meat and lobster for better grades

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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O, Canada!

At least he didn't ask for poutine...or petanque.


Maybe he should have taken the counter-offer of porcupine and musk ox.

I'll have the sex, moose meat and lobster and a an order of kinky fries.

Can you get that at the drive through? Asking for a friend.

I had a professor like this. Except he insisted I bring books and homework in to get better grades. B@stard. Also, I had no idea people ate moose meat.

It could have been worse. The instructor could also have demanded a haggis and some caribou meat. That would have been a sure sign for her to run. The cheese had slid off that professor's cracker.

Of course he was fired. University regulations clearly stipulate that moose meat shall be demanded first, then lobster and sex.

Unless, of course, he found a way to combine all three.

Lobsters were out of season.

I recommend him getting together with the demanding FL slasher from yesterday.

Please open your baskets.

You must use these items:

- Moose meat.
- Lobster.
- Sex.

You have 30 minutes. BEGIN!

As a retired, boney-fried perfesser, I can attest that the faculty code strictly prohibits that any animals should be killed during sex-crazed, grade-fixing transactions with students. The university must issue posthumous apologies and diplomas to the moose and lobster.

For those who have mastered turducken and are looking for a new challenge.

On Cape Breton they tell Newfie jokes.

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