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July 31, 2019


This Giant Spider Literally Ate a Possum and the Photos Will Haunt Your Dreams

(Thanks to Eric Y)


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Maybe we can get a few thousand to see if it will help with the squirrel problem. We could use Florida as a test location.

1. No they won't, because I'm not looking.
2. Tasmania is part of Australia.

I'm thinking about acquiring some Huntsman spiders to take care of my squirrel problem. What could go wrong?

It'time; we salute our spider overlords.

Indeed, Florida already has so many invasives, adding these spiders can't change things all that much. And if they do get rid of the squirrels, I'm definitely interested in acquiring some.

Although maybe I better check to see if any of the neighbors have small dogs first...

Not looking, nope nope.

I'm with Jeff and maryqos. No way am I looking at those pictures. I have enough things that show up in my nightmares without me adding to them.

Update: the Huntsman Spider crisis is now moving beyond possums and escalating out of control!!

Terrified woman finds massive huntsman spider the size of a SAUCEPAN stalking her living room

One can't be certain, considering we are dealing with possoms, but I don't think this possom is "playing dead."

Note, though, that it's a pygmy possum. I'd like to see one of these spiders take on one my neighborhood possums. Some of the local cats aren't big as these things.

Someone should title these videos with:

"8 year old little girl finally gets a new puppy!
See the joy on her face!"

"That's not a spider: THIS is a spider."

I have lost nothing in Australia so I need not go there to look for it. If I did whatever I was looking for would no doubt be covered in poisonous snakes being eaten by huntsmen spiders, guarded by crocodiles and sea wasps.

Auatralia, land of enchantment.

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