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July 26, 2019


Raw chicken breast crawls off restaurant table in horrifying video

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Hey, I know that the Sun is one of your more credible Fake News outlets, but I have to call FAKE here.

Chicken so fresh it can still do the backstroke!

In places of the world that don't have fridges, this can happen

I seem to recall something like this from a Three Stooges short back in the day.

Am I clueless in asking why raw chicken was on a diner's table in a restaurant?

Once I ordered grilled chicken at a restaurant and the waiter asked "how would you like that cooked?" -- as in medium, medium-well, etc. I changed my mind and just had some soup.

wanderer2575 - I went to a restaurant with a (male) friend, we ordered steaks and when the waiter asked my friend how he wanted his steak prepared. "Wipe its ass and throw on a plate" was his answer.

If this happened to me in a restaurant, I'd follow that chicken breast right out the door.

"Video unavailable," thank goodness.

@ImNotDave: A friend of mine likes his steak the same way. His standard response, when asked how he would like it prepared, is "Walk it through a warm room."

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