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July 31, 2019


Calgary woman traumatized after being trapped in tipped-over porta-potty following windstorm

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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She stole that from a Stephen King story!

Well it doesn’t take much to traumatize folks does it?

Is this anything like getting stuck in a packed elevator at a furry convention ?

Once upon a festival dreary
She pondered in a porta-potty, weak and weary
Then came a rapping, a tapping on the door
It was only the wind, nothing more
Knocking on her porta-potty door
Then in the damp darkness she flew
She crashed to the ground, trapped in that loo
The firemen who rescued her all quoted:"Nevermore."

Bravo Le Petomane!
I smell a lawsuit in the not so distant future.

Edgar Allen P is proud of Le Pet. Well done !

Bravo, Le Pet! (Although I was hoping for something in the style of "Jabberwocky.")

Well, at least none of them had a body under them with legs sticking out wearing fancy red shoes.

You're welcome for the visual...

Is this worse than holding your pee?

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