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July 11, 2019


Drunk driver admits to drinking a ‘Corolla’ before crashing car into tree

(Thanks to Stever)


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Drinking an entire Corolla would take a lot of weed and time. But maybe it could be done. A friend once scored some weed, munched Doritos and dozed off to dream he was eating a huge marshmallow. He said when he woke up the next morning he couldn't find his pillow.

She should've had a V8.

Big deal. Klinger ate a Jeep on an episode of M*A*S*H.

The Knack: " M..m..m...My corolla..."

It starts with a couple of Corollas after work, and before long there’s Hummers hidden in the bedroom closet and under the bathroom sink.

Clankie beat me to it.

Drinking and driving is nothing to Toy(ota) around with.

Maybe it was a Coca-Corolla.

She never got that drunk from just one Corolla. Whoever served her should've known better than to Celica to an intoxicated person. Now she's let driving Highlander in jail.

(singing, as officer approaches the car)

"Yes, I like pina Corollas, getting drunk in the rain. Hi there, officer, can I help you?"

She should have stuck with Mai-Tai mazdas.

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