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July 17, 2019


Man Uses Firework-Shooting Drone To Disperse Neighbor's Loud Party

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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We always just threw the rockets by hand.

The only thing cooler than a drone that shoots fireworks would be a 3-D printer that produces strippers.

In the rocket craze of the late 1950's a neighbor friend and I decided to build our own rocket. We scrounged a big cardboard tube and reinforced it with paste and tin foil, then added fins and a nosecone. It was about 3 feet long and it took maybe a thousand kitchen match heads to fuel it.
We both delivered the local newspaper so when we told the editor, he sent a reporter to cover the launching.
The rocket roared to life, shooting flames and smoke, it rose perfectly to just over six feet then the thing flipped over to level flight. That rocket went straight through an open window of my friend's chicken house and exploded. It lifted the roof of the coop a few feet and sent chickens and feathers flying. The fatalities were many.
The fire department came, police and sheriff, all with sirens blaring. The entire sordid incident was covered by that blasted reporter and pictures were in the paper.
To this day lighting a fuse to a firework sends chills and the smell of fried chicken still reminds me of this incident.
The rocket firing drone is NOT a good idea.

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