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July 26, 2019


A 9-foot alligator took a sidewalk stroll in Coral Gables — and now it ‘will be processed’

For the record, this blog is based in Coral Gables.


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You need separate but equal sidewalks. Whatever it takes to keep them away from me.

Processed into, like, jerky?

I'm with Rudolph. Processed is defined in most dictionaries as "Process--perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on something to change or preserve it."
Preserving an alligator by turning it into luggage and various cuts of meat is how I would expect most people to process it.

Now if there was just a good way to process snakes and squirrels.

I don't know about squirrels, Le Petomane, but I've heard snakes make nice looking pairs of shoes.

Uggg. After watching the movie Crawl it gave alligators a new meaning to me. I would hate to run into any.

The sidewalks might need to include a High Occupancy Reptile lane.

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