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July 17, 2019


A woman in New Jersey got the kind of car wash she was not looking for when she hit the accelerator instead of the brakes at a car wash in Hackensack, sending her SUV plunging into the Hackensack River.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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On the upside, her car is really clean.

If she's not satisfied, she can get a free re-wash. Receipt required.

By tomorrow, they'll market this as a $19.99 full-immersion detailing.

If New Jersey residents aren't smart enough to pump their own gas, how can they be expected to navigate a car wash on their own?

BTW, my Jersey girl wife does not read this blog, so don't tell anybody I said this.

Overheard: Whoa! Hey did ya see that, the way he went sailing right out there? He just went *sailing* right out there! He musta been doin' over 80, ya know.

Help, I've driven into the river and I can't get up.

That’ll learn her to decline the hot wax.

Dave, stumbled upon your book. laughed a lot. Black lab lover. Guitar player w/ nice collection also, just found a 1968 Les Paul I got for a steal. Last chapter hit me. Medical device engineer in NJ. Invented new product we are just starting to market. Game changer. Did your daughter suffer from muscle cramps during her rehab???

I have three pictures I wanted to send you. Always found that strange events have guided my life, God works in mysteries ways. When I explain you will understand. Also met Al Cooper and gave him Putt and Toss golf putting target I invented. Drop him an email.

Contact me when you have a moment.


Bob Weidlich

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