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July 14, 2019


Self-cloning ticks that suck animals’ blood dry spark concern humans may be next

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Le Petomane)


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They're called Asian long-horned ticks, but I don't see any horns (long or short) on the mug shot. Am I being too literal?
I'll be worried when they produce a valid Florida driver's license.

Our only hope is that they don't pass the bar exams.

Stix, as natural-born blood-suckers, they get an exemption from the exams and can go to work immediately.

nursecindy is considering either leaving North Carolina or never leaving her house again.

"were linked with killing five cows by sucking their blood dry in North Carolina"
So how did the ticks get five cows to N Carolina?
MOTW- I think we'd better consider that possibility.

When Kinky Friedman was running for Governor of Texas I thought he described the most destructive tick; the poly tick.

"Poly means more than one and ticks are bloodsucking parasites."

Now we have cow eating ticks to add to our poly ticks.

Oh, the humanity!

The day you see Self-Cloning Asian longhorned ticks offered at the Helpee Selfee all you can eat Asian buffet, you know mankind has pulled through yet again.

Wild thing
Come on and hold me tight

It's a crowded field. Which one should we vote for ?

So true Jeff. I have a feeling we're going to be changing our state motto from, "Better than South Carolina" to "Trying to be more like Australia every day".

I've worked for these blood suckers 35 years now. I've still got a pint or two left, I hope!

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