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July 17, 2019


Food tech company Solar Foods says it has created a natural protein source from a mix of carbon dioxide, water and renewable electricity. And it could hit the consumer market -- and your plate -- sometime in the next two years.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Nothing says “natural protein source,” like “renewable electricity.”

Since it doesn't contain any of the things that makes wheat taste like wheat, I'm betting it doesn't really taste "just like wheat flour".

Besides, flour is carbohydrate, not protein.

Add in some hot sauce and I'd try it

Sounds like Stone soup.

On the plus side you might be able to charge your cell phone with the leftovers.

Is this the side dish for the self-lighting Sushi?

"renewable electricity"? Sounds like leftovers to me.

Solein Green?

Is it gluten free?

Teens in 1960s joked about "not running on sunlight" but this is ridiculous unless it's YUMMY and PRICED RIGHT!

Inspired by this lady, no doubt:

Sounds like my ex-wife’s cooking. The main ingredient in all her dishes was “microwave.” Truly, a woman to whom I would never say, “get back in the kitchen where you belong.”

Does it come in a can that you can squirt into your mouth like whipped cream or Cheez-Whiz?
Asking for a friend.

*SMACKS* Skeeter

Food for robot ants?

So will we have to order a big plate of nothing?

Solein sounds like a close relative of Soylent....Green.

Bet it tastes like chicken.

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

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