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July 10, 2019


A Missouri woman was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly firing a gun in the parking lot of a Kansas City DMV after witnesses say she became impatient due to the long lines.

(Thanks to John Lobert, John Criswell and Ralph)


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Had this happened in FL, she would have been required to graze the groin of the man standing in front of her before issuing her a valid FL DL.

Shoddy reporting. Did she get her driver license renewed, or will she have to wait in line again?

Zick told the newspaper Richey became belligerent and started using foul language, adding at one point “the president’s security was in danger.”
Why was the president standing in line at a Kansas City DMV?

In Florida she could claim she was shooting at green iguanas and get the charges dismissed. In Kansas City----maybe an insanity plea?

I recently visited this very DMV office. Her reaction was perfectly reasonable. I think the DMV employees all envision themselves as a Bond Villain. Dr. NO to be exact. Their goal is to turn away as many people as possible without issuing any drivers licenses or license plates. The elderly relative I escorted to the DMV wants to trade her drivers license in for an ID Card. She realizes she cannot drive anymore. (Thank Goodness!) The DMV has rejected her several times. This time they wanted 3 character references. What? Bureaucrats out of control.

In Texas, this is part of the test.

I used to live in Tennessee. It took me three days to get a new drivers license. Three days. I won't bore you with the details. Wished I had known of this method for moving things along faster... Although, I sense she is going to end up paying a lot more for her license than she had planned, once you add in bail and lawyer fees and court costs...

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