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July 09, 2019


‘Exotic’ bird was really just seagull covered in curry powder

(Thanks to DaninDallas and Not My Usual Alias)


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Tiggywinkles is a great name.
I smile every time I say it: Tiggywinkles, Tiggywinkles, Tiggywinkles!

I think curried seagull was done on AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN.

Aren't you supposed to put the curry on after you cook the bird?

According to the late (but not late enough) Jerry Falwell, the orange Tiggywinkle is gay propaganda to recruit the straight seagulls into a decadent, hellbound lifestyle.

I think curry seagull is pretty exotic. It sounds like it came right out of the Salvatore Dali cookbook.

I bet not even curry could make a gull taste decent. Nasty birds. Flying garbage trucks.

In Galveston, the city told people not to throw chips and other snacks to the gulls, because they might get cancer. Made me want to stock up on family sized bags.

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