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July 31, 2019


Woman suspects porch pirate stole package with 9 tarantulas

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Was the package sent from Tasmania?

Big hairy spiders everywhere feel triggered when they hear the insulting term " Tarantulas ". The correct term is " Our Eight-Legged Friends ".

When that package gets opened, even non-pirates would say, "Arrrrgh!"



I have a 'great' surveillance video of porch pirates, a.k.a idiots, stealing several boxes of plaster from my porch. We have since had a very sturdy decorative iron gate constructed around our front porch. Also keeps those unwanted knocks on the door in the middle of the night in check.

Wouldn't you love to be there when they open it?

Boy what a pkg with tarantulas in it. Isn't it a shame that you have to watch out that someone will take pkg's

Spartanburg isn't that far from me so I may hear them when they open the package. This may put an end to their life of crime.

Porch pirates!

Sounds like a great idea for a musical...

I'm surprised this (Porch Pirates) hasn't become a reality show by now.

There are some great videos of an engineer who had packages stolen from his porch. He then designed packages with fart spray and small glitter that would erupt upon opening. He also had a small camera that recorded reactions and uploaded the content constantly. He put the packages on his porch and it was fun. https://wgno.com/2018/12/18/fake-package-covers-porch-pirates-in-glitter-and-fart-spray/

It's likely an urban legend, but here in the Southwest some people are supposed to be stuffing live rattlesnakes into Amazon boxes and leaving them on the porch.

I saw the Hot Box Tarantulas open for Los Lobos.

Le Pet, sometimes if we're lucky and wish real hard, legends can come true.

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