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July 12, 2019


Worker falls into 8-foot tank filled with liquid chocolate

The Smothers Brothers had a song about this.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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That will teach him to order the "Death by chocolate" dessert.

NEW FLAVOR SENSATION: Minimum wage earner flavored chocolate.

"Mr. Fondue is expected to make a full recovery."

I just yelled "fire" when I fell into the chocolate
No, Tom, why'd you yell "fire" when you fell into the chocolate?

Well, I yelled "fire" because no one
Would save me if I yelled, "CHOCOLATE!"

Haha, no one would save me if I yelled, "chocolate," haha

Lolly doo-dum, lolly doo-dum-day-ay-ay

Thanks for the geezer memory.

After all this guy went through, did he win a Golden Ticket?

After licking him clean, paramedics examined him for possible injuries.

Not a "two great tastes that taste great together" situation.

Loved the link to Smothers Brothers.
nursecindy, you crack me up.

This guy should not take any showers until after Valentine’s.

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