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July 27, 2019


Tesla owner leaves car plugged into a stranger's Lake Worth home

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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As is their right
One person has a reserved parking space at the area community center and library for their “Tesla charging only” prime location

Hmm...how about putting a small electrified fence in front of the receptacle with a sign that says, "If you can manage to plug in without getting shocked, you can have all the electricity you need."?

Didn't this happen in Flathead County?

Saving the planet, one stinking energy sucker at a time.

This incident fails the Florida Man test as no alcohol drugs, guns, nudity or live reptiles were involved.

Over at the Tesla forums many believe the owner of the illegally parked Tesla vehicle was a major D, or at least a former BMW owner.

This was just a self-entitled person with no manners who could have left a note and a phone number. They did not need to leach off the homeowners electricity for 12 hours, 5 hours would have been long enough to move on.

Fact: There is a Tesla Super Charger (SC) station located nearby in DelRay Beach, another new SC that may now be operational is located at a WaWa food and fuel establishment in Palm Beach Gardens. There are also public charging stations located in Lake Worth.

In one of Carl Hiaasen's novels (Razor Girl?) he clearly showed the hazards of stealing electricity to charge a Tesla.
Crooks need to read books once in a while.

There was a similar incident here in the Atlanta area a year of so ago. The power company estimated it cost about 23 cents to recharge the Nissan Leaf.

A better estimate, without knowing the exact electric rate pricing and the charging setup, is $0.20 per hour and he charged for 12 hours.

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