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July 12, 2019


Things Got Slashy After Boyfriend Told Florida Woman He Was Too Tired For Sex

(Thanks to Barry Nester and Le Petomane)


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Or as they call it in Florida, "foreplay".

Gee, I don't know why he would refuse. She looks nice.

I bet he won't say "no" next time.

He knows that females of various species devour their mates after the act. I don't blame him for bowing out.

Phil Collins: " One more knife... "

@LeDud--Humans have evolved past literally devouring their mates. Nowadays they hire lawyers to do the devouring.

She slashed his shoulder and arm. Then she head butted him and punched him in the face. If that doesn't get him in the mood I don't know what will.

Either way he was getting some gash.

I bet she's a big Bryan Adams fan.

Instead of sex he should have offered her, oh I don’t know, some moose meat perhaps. Or lobster.

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