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July 13, 2019


Someone is going round Sheffield stapling slices of bread to trees in weird craze

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Obviously the culprit is preparing to move to Flathead County soon.

Does this mean the yarn bombing craze is over? The squirrels have to be behind this.

I was going to leave the comment "what a bizarre way to feed the squirrels", when I saw nursecindy's comment.

So I deleted it... and then wrote this explanation as to why I deleted it...

Thank you for your patience — it's probably time to take my meds now.

Will the trees get yeast infections?

This may explain the rash of mayo spreading.

Alert the Guinness. Book of World Records. World’s largest open-faced sandwich.

Having grown up in a Yorkshire city a mere hop skip and jump down the highway from Sheffield, this surprises me not in the slightest.
On the plus side, back in the mid seventies I saw Hall and Oates live in Sheffield and still one of the best gigs EVER.

Sandwiches for visiting beavers?

Rintinglen, to test that theory, we'll have to go back to each tree and see if there's a second piece of bread stapled to the opposite side. But my money still says this is how squirrel blackmail victims make their payoffs.

Jan: The Live from Daryls's House website hasn't been updated recently, but there are some great Hall and Oates performances posted there, in very high resolution and sound quality.

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