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July 11, 2019


Driver accused of using 30-can beer pack as booster seat for 2-year-old

The story doesn’t say, but we’re guessing this was a guy parent.

And in the American-Parent Category: Dixon Police say a woman is arrested after she allegedly had her two daughters ride inside an empty pool on the roof of her Audi SUV.

(Thanks to pharmaross, Stixnstonz and Al Barkafski)


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But she was a member of a car pool, so it's ok

As long as the kid was secured inside the plastic thingy that holds the cans together, I see no problem.

It does say "he strapped...," Dave, so good guess. Besides, that is Dad Ingenuity at work, clearly.

If you grow up in Texas, you'll ride on your share of cases of beer....

What kind of beer?

A lot of kids grew up getting daddy a beer from their booster seat. Nowadays you can't make a move without gettin' busted.

If it was light beer, its hard to see a greater purpose.

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