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July 17, 2019


You Can Rent the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on Airbnb This Summer

(Thanks to Judi)


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It looks wiener-luscious.

Wait, is that inappropriate?

I'll stick to the Marriott, thanks.

Going to be a toss-up between this and the bus from the Spice Girls movie, which is also up for grabs on Airbnb. Decisions. Decisions.

Everybody can fit in the vehicle.
Hence the expression 'weiner take all'

If the fridge is stocked with Bud Light, I'd just pitch a tent.

Somehow I envision it being stolen, and you wake up not knowing where you are.

Rod — One of the locations is Chicago’s Lollapalooza , so depending on the exact location waking up disoriented and with the munchies would be normal

Personally, I would forego the wiener onesie.

Read the fine print: Anthony not included.

“Carlos”. Carls Danger is a dining hazard.

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