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July 12, 2019


San Luis Obispo’s police chief has issued a public apology after she left her gun in an El Pollo Loco bathroom Wednesday. When she went back to retrieve the firearm, it was was gone, and now the Police Department is looking for a man they suspect may have taken it.

(Thanks to Drake Larson)


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Don't ya just hate when that happens?

Isn't the real crime that a MAN was in the women's bathroom?

A police chief packs a gun into a restaurant named "The Crazy Chicken" in Spanish and leaves it in a bathroom. What could possibly go wrong?

How do you leave a gun, in a holster I guess, behind ? The answer: Because they were loaded. (I'll be here all week....)

That really was a negligent discharge.

What WAS Skeeter Carlos doing in the womens' washroom? Enquiring minds want to know

We guys ALWAYS bring our guns into the bathroom, and we NEVER forget them behind.

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