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July 08, 2019


A cockatoo destroyed anti-bird spikes placed on a ledge above a shopping center in Katoomba, Australia.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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They call him 'Spike'

Fred? (Berreta's bird)

Q: How many birds does it take to destroy anti-bird spikes?
A: A cockatoo.

That's a Major Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. I used to live with one. I once constructed a perch for him with a hoe handle. Lashed it in the shape of a cross with stainless steel wire. He destroyed it in less than an hour. Cool pet, though. Very affectionate.

Shortly after the last spike fell, a huge, likely venomous, bird of prey swooped down and flew away with the obnoxious cockatoo. Locals are giving odds the cockatoo will return in a few days, somewhat fatter than when it left.

@vapor.. - you should promote him to Colonel or even General.

He's making room for his pet snakes.

Geez, are all the animals homicidal maniacs on that continent???

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