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July 29, 2019


NASA is just giving away an Apollo-era Saturn rocket to anyone who wants it

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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$250K to transport it? Not hardly. Anybody from south of the Mason-Dixon line will know how to fit it in the back of his pickup.

Sure, the first one is "Free"...
And then you're obligated to buy one each month at the Rocket Club Discount price.
They get you with Shipping and Handling.

Snork @ Stix!

Rod - exactly. After all, what is the point of having a F350 Super Duty with the Extra Chrome package if one can't haul a Saturn Rocket every now and then?

So far the only serious interest has been from some guy in North Korea.

Put a couple of potted plants in front of it and you'd have the best lawn ornament in the neighborhood.

"We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the pre-screening process and have been selected to receive the Apollo-era Saturn rocket. We will ship the rocket to the address listed on the submission form in 5, 4, 3, 2.."

Rod- Only problem using the pickup is what to do with all the accumulated overhead wires one is sure to gather driving around with that thing in the bed.

Personally, I'm holding out for the complete Saturn 5 lying on its side in Huntsville, AL.

At the price of gas now? Nope. Driving it to the moon is out of the question.

Being as I am across the river from DC, I'd opt to stand it straight and paint a big old digital salute on the Washington side.

That would make an AWESOME SMOKER!!!!!

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