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July 13, 2019


Australia's competitive rabbit hoppers aim for new heights in international competition

(Thanks to Jim Perth)


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Just put any of Australia's readily available serpents behind the rabbits, and you'll see the records broken by quite a bit.

Aren't rabbits venomous in Australia? Seems like everything else is.

If the rabbit you bet on runs off the course and disappears, wouldn't that be a bad hare day?

If your rabbit gets fleas, couldn't you call him Bugs Bunny?

Rabbit hopping contests look boring and I doubt they'll last. I predict receding hare lines.

The veterinary nurse and mother said the sport was her way of leaving reality and winding down.
I kind of do the same thing only I use knitting needles and angora yarn.

CRH did a smashing cover of Van Halen's "Jump"

Putting rabbits into hoppers?

Just to win some sort of competition?

That's barbaric!!!

I'm confused, who's jumping the rabbits?

Run away! Run away!

Hopped up rabbits

" The veterinary nurse and mother said the sport was her way of leaving reality and winding down. "

Taking over the spot reserved exclusively for Tupperware parties.

I thought this was gonna be like those people who run around doing "equestrian" events on their stick ponies. But at least these people ride real rabbits. They ride them, right?

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