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July 10, 2019


Florida man shows deputy his butt, then drinks a beer

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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So much for facial recognition.

Your honor the defendant has asked if the court would not refer to his exposed butt as sexual organs, but for the purpose of explaining his intentions that day, please refer to his sexual organs as, 'his meat'.

Surely this is not against the law.

Cops do not like being the butt of a joke.

Thank goodness he pulled his pants back up before he sat in the wooded area. You can get some nasty bites otherwise.

Ahh, Miller High Life. The beverage of choice when a full moon is rising.

The charge is assault and buttery.

I wonder if he asked the cop to hold his beer while he removed his pants. This may be in the article but I'm at work.....

Pity the defense lawyer who has to make the case that the “butt” can be, but is neither necessarily nor primarily, a sex organ. While the defendant admittedly had his pants down, the officer saw only his butt and cannot conclusively state that the defendant’s Johnson, in whole or in part, was exposed. Your honor, defense rests its butt.

How do you get a tan line on your forehead like that? Headband?

Sounds to me like Florida Man is mellowing out.

Rudolph: baseball hat on backwards

MOTW, why would you wear a baseball hat backwards?
*shuffles back to the geezer bus*

If I'm thirsty for a beer, I'm wasting any time showing my butt or anything else. I'm going straight for the beer.

And right now, I'm going straight for a beer....

they don't need any evidence to convict him of being really &*#$ drunk other than that booking photo.

Ancillary charge was assault with a dead weapon.

@Rudolph - I’d say he is clearly aware that use of his head’s banned.

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