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July 22, 2019


‘Half-human, half-dog’ creature seen lurking near Texas river leaves fishermen terrified

(Thanks to Le Petomane)

Advisory: Very convincing photographs.


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It's not a bear; I don't think that part of Texas has ever had bears. But it is close to the border, and all sorts of other weird stuff is definitely in play.

I vote for a chupacabra/jackalope hybrid.

Wouldn't it be great to be a "half-human, half-dog" and get to go around pooping everywhere legally?

A bounty hunter?...

It is ManBearPig, AKA Al Gore. Half man, half bear and half pig. It has a larg carbon footprint, larger even than Bigfoot footprint.

The video is apparently from six years ago, hence the (r@p-Cam.
Have those poor fishermen unclenched their sphincters yet?

Loco is likely right about it being a ManBearPig. Then again, it could be someone in a cheap gorilla suit being filmed by the blurriest, cheapest camera they could find.

If this were a naked woman, the resulting photographs would be enhanced vivid close-ups. But it's a Bigfoot. No camera ever made is capable of taking a reasonably good, non-blurry, what-so-ever distinguishable image.

Texas has between 20 to 100 bears either in the southeast towards Louisiana or down south of Del Rio. However they are highly unlikely to have anything to do with the blurry-blurry in those pictures.

Maybe it is the mythical Meth-Gator?

Or more likely it is the Elusive Emu!

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