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July 28, 2019


Florida officials backtrack on killing iguanas 'whenever possible': 'This is not the 'wild west'

(Thanks to John Lobert and Asher Scheiner)


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If that's their policy on squirrels then I can definitely support it.

I guess they've never seen Miami.

You have to say " Now get off my lawn ! " first.

Oh yes it is. Just further east

Trying to visualize iguanas at the OK Corral.

I've heard of deer hunters shooting cattle, and in one case, a horse, but how do you mistake a human for an iguana?

Doug - it happens to me surprisingly often.

I’m also a model for gargoyles

Next time there is a freeze (if ever, with climate change), everybody with a truck needs to drive around picking up the iguanas that fall from the trees - maybe sell them for aligator chow.

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