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June 09, 2019


It seems fitting that the official state mammal of the District of Columbia should be the bat.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Actually, they hang out at the Capitol and White House.

I could understand it if it was a Louisville Slugger. Just sayin'.

Cheers to Kevin Underhill (the author): "I think 'Little Brown Myotis' would be a good name for a law firm."

I thought it was the weasel.

Batman has a team of lawyers studying his possible upcoming defamation suit.

At a hearing decades ago for one of the many bills in the NH House to name a state animal, plant, etc., I suggested that rather than people just picking their favorites, we needed symbols with more substance. I then proposed an amendment to name former Governor Meldrim Thompson the Official State Fruitcake.

The Committee did not use the idea, unfortunately.

I guess a vampire bat would have been too obvious.

Is the official building the belfry ?

The author needed to explain "neat". If the meaning was that they're interesting animals, he's right. But if the meaning was that they're tidy, nothing could be further from the truth. Any given cave will have tons of guano in it.

It's this latter meaning that makes the bat such an appropriate representative of Washington, DC.

In unrelated news, Ozzy Osbourne announced he will be running for mayor.

And of course the guano. Congress is full of it and are crazy because of it.

Rod Nunley is right about bats leaving lots of guano on cave floors. Here in New Mexico mining bat guano has produced thousands of tons of high grade fertilizer.
The Washington variety of guano is totally worthless as far as I know.

Le Pet: are you saying that the Washington variety is just plain useless sh!t?

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