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June 27, 2019


SCIENTISTS are now able to clone pet dogs from urine

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"although the $110, 000 cloning cost may deter some people, it looks as though that figure will only increase."

Y-e-a-h .. NO. Going to the shelter is good enough for me.

It sometimes does seem like that's all at least some dogs are made of.

"Ma'am, we've been getting complaints your dog smells like urine."

What would happen if you sent them elephant urine without telling them?

Luckily for man- and dogkind, only all-caps SCIENTISTS can do this.

First question; WHY
Second question: WHY, THE HELL WHY?
Third question: Do your parents KNOW what you're doing in their basement?

"What's that smell?"


"What can possibly go wrong?"

Better grab Pee-ka-poo.com while it’s still available.

They allegedly can clone squirrels from their nuts.

weren't we promised flying cars?

You didn't get your flying car? Did you check the LIST?
BTW, You know we can only fly the in Florida, Nevada and California, where when see us they think it's an UFO.
Really, you should check the LIST. But don't let the (whispers) the others know.

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