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June 05, 2019


Officials in an Ohio village said pink water coming out of residents' taps is safe for drinking, but could be damaging to clothes.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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This saves bachelors the trouble of washing their red sweaters in hot water.

The pink color is caused by sodium permanganate to purify the water.
OK, potassium permanganate was used in frontier medicine to cure gonorrhea. A solution was injected directly into the urethrea. My doctor friend had one of the injection kits in his collection of historical medical devices.

And folks are complaining about drinking a little pink water?

Assuming my color wheel is correct, if you drink a couple glasses of this at breakfast, by early evening you should witness a lovely orange sunset.

The pink will be in you, but you may not be in the pink.

You first, officials.

Color coordinated water. The next trend ?

It can dye your clothing, and etch your circuit boards, and in high enough concentrations react explosively with ethylene glycol (so don't put it in your radiator), but otherwise it's harmless.


I hope none of those citizens misplace their corkscrews. Otherwise, like W.C. Fields, they may be forced to durvive on food and ( pink) water for several days.


I fail to see an issue here.

Brawndo... the thirst mutilator!

I've played scientist with potassium permanganate for years now. Not only does it help your garden, but it can start a nice little fire in a weed patch of a fast-food parking lot if you pour a few drops of glycol on it. *

*Not that I would know anything about that, right?

"Dad, are we pyromaniacs?"

"Yes, we arson."

*groans* at PirateBoy.

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