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June 12, 2019


Miller Lite beer can is also a video game controller

(Thanks to Hayseed Tom)


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I bet it doesn't make their beer taste any better.

I wonder if you can control a drone with it.

I asked Alexa if I could get a better beer. I got the same answer I get no matter what I ask that computer for: "I'm sorry, Dave, but I can't do that."

Soon to be found in dumpsters everywhere.

It's certainly a better use of the can than to put that beer in it.

Okay, how many people will pop the top and then turn the can sideways, dumping all the beer on the floor? (Not that I'm saying the beer deserves better.)

We were promised flying cars.

I imagine a cannabis company is frantically trying to create a pot pipe controller.

What are you holding?
Not this.

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