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June 10, 2019


Burger King employee filmed mopping table tops after cleaning the floors

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says “I didn’t know they even cleaned the floors and tables.”)


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Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce
This mopping 'method' does upset us
All we ask is that you let us
Barf on your floor

Okay, years ago, I'm driving cross-country, and near Cleveland, Ohio, there's a marquee that boasts, "World's Cleanest McDonald's". Intrigued, I stop in, and everything is immaculate. Pristine white and stainless steel. There is only one worker out front at the cash register; the kitchen is out of sight. As I approach the counter, I notice there is a string hanging out of the kid's pocket. I ask, "What's with the string?"
"Well, we are the World's Cleanest McDonald's, sir. I try to avoid getting my hands dirty, so I have this sanitized string tied to the keys in my pocket, and if anyone needs them, I simply pull them out with the string."
I'm impressed. But I notice another very conspicuous string, and I say, "Okay, but what's that string on your fly for?"
He smugly smiles and says, "Well, if I have to use the restroom, I pull the string to unzip my fly. I have another string on my [male appendage], and I pull it out to urinate."
"Okay, you use a string to pull it out; how do you put it back in?"
"Oh, I use the french fry tongs for that."

That kind of inoculation is expensive in a doctor's office.

Let's hope that they mop the restroom floors last!

I believe they call that Impossibly Clean.

Did anyone actually see any water in that mop bucket?

Florida again leads the nation; now it's mopping fast food restaurant floors and tables. Make that burger and fries order to go please.)

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