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June 30, 2019


Animal rescue group needs discarded bras for injured turtles

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The teenage Mutant Ninja turtles are so ashamed of turtles being seen in bras they are refusing to leave the sewers.

I'm glad the support group is doing this
I guess the turtles find the bras uplifting

Donations will be sorted into box turtle, snapper, and giant tortoise bins.

A jock-strap from a football player would be helpful for a very small turtle, I think. So men can help too.

Rejected 1960's ad campaign: " I dreamed I was an injured turtle in my Maidenform bra. "

They have my full support. Actually I've already stepped up and if you think I'm telling you what size turtle it fit, padraig, you're out of your mind. This group does some amazing things for injured animals and birds.

Interesting fact:

Turtles are known to have wet bra contests.

I saw the solution to their problem on a visit to Iceland. There's a farmer between Vik and Selfoss that has about 50 bras hanging on his fence alongside the highway. As far as anybody can tell, this was done purely for amusement. But maybe he'd be willing to donate to the turtle cause. There appeared to be a variety of sizes on the fence.

They've got enough already....darn


Hey Everyone!! We are just overwhelmed with people offering to mail us clasps etc. I think we have easily responded to thousands of people today and we just can't keep up with the volume coming in. Please take a few minutes to read through some of the post as most of the questions are answered here already. I have a feeling we will have way more clasps than we can use now. We are starting a list of turtle rescues we can share supplies with. If you are a rehabber and would like a share of supplies send your mailing address to [email protected]

We have so many other things we really need to help with the turtles so if I can ask a huge favor. Please just donate the money you planned to spend on shipping. If everyone did this the turtles would never want for anything again. We help so many animals here and our donations have been really down lately.

Here is a link for a $3 donation

Or a $5 donation

Since people are willing to spend this amount on postage it would make more sense to just let us buy food and medications that they need and pay the power bill to keep their turtle room cozy.

" If everyone did this the turtles would never want for anything again. "

Except perhaps for a little clear plastic tank with a plastic island and a plastic palm tree.

"..many of them have been run over by cars, lawnmowers and boats."
All three? No wonder they need help.

Not sure how going braless can help but i'm giving it my full support!

I had a neighbor who was a reptile rescuer. He kept different sorts of tortoises in his backyard (the giant ones) and dedicated a whole room inside for the smaller ones. He converted the backyard storage shed for winter care. He was a Marine vet and really gentle with these tortoises.
One of the sneaked out of his enclosure and into my backyard. My neighbor allowed me to go into his backyard to return him .. tortoise was named 'Steve'.

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